7 Birthday Magic Science Experiments


magnetic slime

Daphne was thrilled to open an LOL doll on her seventh birthday. I wasn’t sure if the other gift we gave her was more for our own satisfaction. But she dug in right away. It’s a collection of seven kitchen science experiments, along with the extra supplies to do them.  Read more

  1. Magic Spoon
static electricity spoon

We’ve been talking about static electricty because of how Netta’s hair stands on end when she goes down the slide. This simple experiment use static electricity to separate salt and pepper.

Instructions from Science Kiddo

2. Elephant Toothpaste

elephant toothpaste

We like mixing baking soda and vinegar, but we’ve never tried this dramatic chemical reaction using rubbing alcohol (hydrogen peroxide) and yeast.

Instructions from Fun at Home with Kids

3. Blow Up Ballons with Candy and Soda

candy balloons

With Halloween coming up, my kids can donate the candy they don’t like to science…

Instructions from Learn Play Imagine

4. Electric Eels

electric eels

A fresh way to enjoy a tried-and-true baking soda and vinegar reaction: making gummy worms wiggle.

Instructions from Bitzngiggles

5. Magnetic Slime

magnetic slime

We’ve tried countless variations of slime, but this magnetic slime is new – it was the first experiment Daphne wanted to try.

Instructions from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

6. Color Changing Slime

color changing slime

I can’t wait to try out this slime that changes color based on temperature.

Instructions from Left Brain Craft Brain

7. Rainbow Paper

rainbow paper

We like painting our fingernails and toenails, but this might be an even better use for nail polish.

Instructions from Science Kiddo