Siren Call of the School Bus


Netta says she wants to go to kindergarten in the fall. She wants to ride the school bus with her best neighborhood friends, two girls who are now in kindergarten and first grade.

I’ve spent the past year learning about homeschooling and self-directed education, becoming increasingly convinced of all the benefits of this approach. So I’m having a hard time with Netta’s choice. Also, Daphne emphatically does not want to attend second grade next year, and she and I are both unsure what homeschooling would look like without Netta.

Still, I think it’s extremely important that I respect Netta’s desire to try school. (When she’s eighteen, I don’t want her to tell me that I wouldn’t let her go to school!) So I am in the midst of organizing piles of paperwork in order to register her for the fall.

Honestly, I’m hoping that she’ll try school for a week, realize that most of the day isn’t spent on the school bus, and opt for homeschooling. But I intend to honor whatever decision(s) she makes, with the extra information and perspective she gains from attending school.

I’m reminding myself that it’s wonderful she is so open to new experiences, so willing to get excited, and optimistic about what the world has in store for her. In life, that’s probably more important than any educational model.